About the church “Saint archanghels”- Rozavlea


ne of the most successful creations of the popular Maramures architecture, the wooden church “Archangels Mihail and Gavril” in Rozavlea gives the impression of grandiosity, thanks to the high tower and the sharp roof with two rows of eaves. The polygonal apse of the altar is covered with its own roof, slightly lower.

It was built between 1716 and 1720, painted in 1775, but later in 1825 by the craftsman Ioan Plohod in Dragomiresti, in a tempera, giving it a rich and shining appearance.

The entrance to the church is through an open portal to the western façade, where a very rare painting can be seen: Cutting the Head of St. John the Baptist. Exposure to the environment has damaged much of the painting. The interior paintings were applied to textiles, attached to the vaults and walls over the prepared lime. Paintings on the walls have been cleaned in time.


he narthex has the usual flat ceiling of the wooden churches. The main theme is The Last Judgment. On the western wall, around the entrance door, continuing on the northern wall. On the vault of the nave is the Holy Trinity, and in the corners are the Evangelists writing. The lower parts of the vault show on the north the Jacob’s Scale and a landscape of trees.

On the southern side are St. Elijah fighting with the dragon  and St. Elijah losing his tunic. The iconostasis separating the nave altar harmoniously combines sculpture with painting.

The icons are exposed, and during the first decades of the 20th century, new icons were painted and placed on the baroque wood structure.

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